Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beatrice Nine

Californian band Beatrice Nine took a fairly straightforward college/indie rock approach on their Zero Hour Records album Little Stars Hung Upside Down, released in 1996 at the height of post-grunge-dom. Moody vocals, quiet/loud dynamics, chunky guitars, and the rest of the standard alterna faire are all present, but the songwriting is solid, and this track, "To Girlfriend", brings an interesting psych-pop element to the mix. The band went on to release one more record, Incredible Husk, in 1998.

from Little Stars Hung Upside Down (1996, Zero Hour)


Obscure Dayton, Ohio shoegazers Honeyburn released only a very limited output during their existence from 1992 to 1996, including a 7" on Trout Records and a split 7" with fellow Dayton area band Cigarhead. This track, "Sister", appeared on SpinART's 1995 compilation LemonLime Vol.1, alongside tracks by Ultra Cindy, The Mommyheads, Holiday Flyer and more. Towards the end of their existence they were joined by drummer Matt Schulz (Enon, Holy Fuck).

Honeyburn - "Sister"

from LemonLime Vol.1 (1995, SpinART)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Supersport 2000

Los Angeles natives Supersport 2000 were part of the mid-90s L.A. scene, and held ties to other bands from that era & locale like That Dog, The Rentals, Weezer, etc. The songs contained within their only release, a 3-song EP called Pinkslip, bare a lot of sonic similarities to the aforementioned bands (vocalist Cherielynn Westrich would later join The Rentals). The EP was released in 1995 on Boy's Life Reords, a label that also put some other associated L.A. bands like Lifter, Plexi, and Campfire Girls (whose frontman Christian Stone is referenced in this E.P.'s third track).

Supersport 2000 - "Pinkslip"

from Pinkslip (1995, Boy's Life)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yum Yum

Yum Yum was a short-lived indie-pop act which was largely the project of Chris Holmes, who had previously led the Chicago post-rock band Sabalon Glitz. He released only one album under the Yum Yum moniker, Dan Loves Patti on Tag Records in 1996. Much of the album falls into the chamber pop territory ala Cardinal, Trash Can Sinatras, or Belle & Sebastian. This track, "Apiary", however, showcases Holmes' incorporation of fuzzed indie rock guitars into his orchestral pop.

from Dan Loves Patti (1996, Tag)