Monday, February 9, 2009

Nectarine - Sterling Beat (1995, Grass)

Nectarine were a short-lived band from Chicago who released just one album, Sterling Beat, for Grass Records in 1995 before disbanding. The album, which was mixed by Shellac member Bob Weston, is a lo-fi indie rock affair loaded with subtle hooks and the occasional burst of guitar noise. The band did a fair amount of touring during their brief experience, playing with the likes of Built to Spill, Silkworm, Red Red Meat, and The Wrens. The band did record a second album - reportedly a response/tribute to The Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat, which never saw the light of day. After playing one final show in Chicago with Built to Spill, Nectarine broke up in May 1997.


  1. thanks for turning me back onto this. I got a big box of grass promos for my zine back in the day and this was one of them, but it got traded or's a neat record. I picked one up extremely cheaply on amazon. cool.