Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cinnamon Toast

Washington, D.C. native Johnny Riggs founded the Cinnamon Toast project sometime in the late 90's, and along the way recruited a revolving cast of band members. Some notable members included Melissa Farris of Tuscadero and Pat Ferrise of Trampoline (Spin Art), who I've previously featured here. This track, "Ether, Yeah!", appeared on a split 7" w/ Trampoline, and Margo, and showcases Rigg's knack for merging lo-fi fey indie pop with classic 70s glam and power-pop.

Cinnamon Toast - "Ether, Yeah!"

from I Don't Want To Be Stopped compilation (199?, Radiopaque)


  1. How do I find albums like this ??? are they that rare ?

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  4. I am looking for an album of a indie alternative band. I remember the cover art. It was basically this kitchen scene and on the back of the cover it had the band members in a small diner. One guy was slicking his hair back. I remember one song, the sound, but I can't remember who they were. I found the cd at a cd store and they def were in the same genre as what you talked about. I am not sure if this is still active but if you have any idea please let me know. Thanks. Jason

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